About Us

We celebrated  our first Rim Country Quilt Roundup in November 2005.   From  an idea from a few local quilters, this show has grown significantly.  Since that time, this event has become a favorite among quilters in the  Southwest and Canada. 

Payson  is called the "Gateway to the Rim Country" as it lies just below the  Mogollon Rim in north central Arizona. Located in the world's largest  stand of Ponderosa Pine trees, Deer, Elk, Turkey, Javelina, Mountain  Lion and Bear can be seen while driving through this beautiful part of  Arizona. 

Payson is a quick drive from  the Valley of the Sun. In just an hour or so, you can experience cool  temperatures in the Summer and picturesque scenes of a snow covered Rim  in the Winter.

Board of Directors

President         - Maureen Pastika 

Vice President - Elaine Putnam

Secretary         - Judy Prince

Treasurer         - Alyce Leach

Board Member - Lanna Sullivan

Board Member - Margie Brakefield