2018 Quilt Show Winners

Best of Show

  #1110     Patty  McKinney  

 "Glorious Garden"

Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame Award

#1105      Fleda Gorbera 

 "Bouquets For A New Day"

Gila County Heritage Award

#1103      Barbara Davidson

"Friendship Dahlia"

Best Professional Machine Quilting

#2110      Quilted by Debbie Stanton   

"Wilma & Howie"

 Pieced by Monika Hancock

Best Amateur Machine Quilting

#2005     Marilyn Giblin  

"Dahlia Dazzle"

Best Hand Quilting

#1103    Barbara Davidson

"Friendship Dahlia"

Best Use Of Color

#2114    Kris Lovetro

"Birds of a Feather"

Best Hand Applique

#1110    Patty McKinney

"Glorious Garden"

Best Machine Applique

#1108     Barbara Celaya

"True Colors"

Best Novice

#2607     Mary Snyder

"First Quilt"

Diane Pitchford Judges Choice

1907     Monika Hancock    

 "Don & Mon"

National Association of Certified Judges Award

#1803    JoAnn Taylor Rice   

"Sorbet Solstice"

Special Awards

Ponderosa Piecers Award

#1101          Ingrid Decook   Learn to Applique

Payson Mayor Award & Mazatzal Hotel & Casino Award

#1913         Barbara Celaya                 "Grizzer Bear"

Star Valley Mayor Award

#2103               Pam Gagnier          Southwest Border

Payson First Church of the Nazarene

#2106      Judy Prince      Payson Patchwork

Strawberry Patchers Award

#2211          Ingrid DeCook   "Scrappy Gretchen w/Strawberries

Shoofly Choice Award

#2213    Bonnie Kouskouris    "Convex Illusions"

Category Winners


1100 -Applique

 1st    1110    Patty McKinney   "Glorious Garden"

 2nd    1105  Fleda Gorbea   "Bouquets For A New Day"

 3rd    1107  Chris Mahon   "On The Road 2015"

 HM    1106  Barbara Polston  "Every Blooming Thing"

 HM    1108   Barbara  Celaya   "True Colors"


1st    1201  Elaine Putnam  "Butterfly Garden"

2nd    1202  Arleen Logan  "Water Girl"

3rd    1203   Wendy Garrison "Feathered Friends"

HM    1204   Samatha  Wright  "Arizona Sunset Hummingbird"


1st    1301    Piecepatchers - Susanne Irving

1400 - Machine Embroidery

1st     1402    Arleen Logan   "I'm A Maker"

2nd    1406   Lori & Rod Ohmart   "  'Tis The Season"

3rd     1403   Monika Hancock "Halloween Threads"

 HM     1401    Elaine Putnam  "Ebony & Ivory"

HM      1405   Margie Brakefield   "Halloween Parade"


1500 - Miniature

1501     Maureen Pastika   "Teal We Meet Again"

1600  -  Mixed Technique

1st   1608    Anne Roberts    "30's Flowers"

2nd   1603    Geri Cavanagh    "Burnt Sugar Waffles"

3rd    1606    Barbara  Celaya    "Window Wonderland"

HM   1602    Donna  Reynolds    "Zeno's Quilt"

1700 - Modern

1st    1702    Jane Wilcox   "Kandinsky"

2nd   1701    Marie Meldrum "The Blue Streak"

3rd    1703    Wendy Garrison  "Hoarfrost"


1800 Paper Pieced

1st    1803    JoAnn Taylor Rice   "Sorbet Solstice"

2nd    1808    Brenda Mouw    "Cattails In The Meadow"

3rd     1806    Karen Peelen    "Summer Dream"

HM     1801    Judy Murphy    "Hoofbeats"

HM     1805    Marie Meldrum    "Rainbow Circle"


1900 - Pictorial

1st     1902    Arleen Logan    "Dalton"

2nd   1907    Monika Hancock    "Don & Mon"

3rd    1906    Bonnie Kouskouris    "Lazy Sea Otter"

HM    1901     Colleen Harvey  "Space Shuttle"

HM    1912    JoAnn Taylor Rice    "Trussardi"

HM    1904    LeAnn Hileman    "Nebraska Rooster"

2000 - Pieced Small

1st     2005    Marilyn Giblin    "Dahlia Dazzle"

2nd    2006    Debbie Stanton    "Exploding Star"

3rd    2004     Wendy Garrison    "Spectrum"

HM    2003    Barbara  Polston    "I'm Not A Weed, I'm Tenacious"

2100 - Pieced Medium

1st    2110     Monika Hancock    "Wilma & Howie"

2nd   2112     Geri Cavanagh    "Threaded Garden"

3rd    2103    Pam Gagnier    "Southwest Borders"

HM     2111    Jane Wilcox     "Sagittarius"

HM    2114    Kris Lovetro    "Birds Of A Feather"

2200- Pieced Large

1st    2202    Susie Seckel    "El Gato Vaquero (The Cowboy Cat)"

2nd    2204    Louise Bossert & Bonnie Kouskouris    "Luck of the Drawing"

3rd    2206    Fleda Gorbea    "Pumpkin Maze"

HM    2217    Kris Lovetro    "Colorful Strings"

HM    2214    Linda Pfeifer    "Mirror Image Double Wedding Ring"

HM    2218    Kay Parch    "Kay's Purple Passion"


2400- Potpourri

1st    2403    Monica Eyler     "Enchanted Peacock"

2nd  2401     Mary Snyder    "Earth Limb"


2600- Kit Quilt

1st    2604    Kay Parch    "Lovebird Lane" 

2nd    2606    Jan Pedersen     "Halo Medalion"

3rd    2607    Mary Snyder    "First Quilt"

HM     2605    Sheila Bruner    "Bursting Star"

2800 - Treadle/Hand Crank (Non-Electric)

1st    2803    Judy Prince    "Radiant Treadle"

HM    2804    Chery Ehrhardt    "Flowers In My Forest"

Viewers Choice Awards - Top Ten (In order by category only).

#1105 - Fleda Gorbea    "Bouquets For A New Day"

#1109   -  Samantha Wright   "O Holy Night"

#1110   -  Patty McKinney   "Glorious Garden"

#1606 -  Barbara Celaya  "Window Wonderland"

#1808  -  Brenda Mouw    "Cattails In The Meadow"

#1913  -  Grizzer Bear    "Grizzer Bear"

#2110  -  Monika Hancock     "Wilma & Howie"

#2112   -  Geri Cavanagh    "Threaded Garden

#2213   -  Leslie Peacock    "Sunlight & Moonlight

#2606  -  Jan Pederson    "Halo Medallion"

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